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SENS N°377 – March 2013 – Jews and Christians, different and complementary

SENS #377

To be able to meet one another, Jews and Christians need to know and appreciate what makes them complementary in this world despite their differences. This issue regroups four texts of different origins that offer perspectives on the theme of the difference and complementarity, perspectives that should give us pause for thought.

In the first text – an article translated from Hebrew – Rabbi Shlomo Riskin is wondering on the potential conditions of teaching the Torah to the Christians, starting among other things from one of Rav. Soloveitchik’s works.

The three other texts are conferences given on the occasion of Jewish-Christian events. Reverend Florence Taubmann is comparing the respective vocation of Judaism and Christianity on theological, anthropological and ethical levels. Professor Elisabeth Parmentier is analysing the specific mission as well as the mission common to the two religious institutions in front of the nations and the stakes of their common efforts. Finally, Mgr Francis Deniau, bishop of Nevers, “is speaking in praise of the difference” between the Jews and the Christians that can both identify them and allow a rapprochement.

In addition, the review publishes a conference of Professor Philippe Abadie who, starting from a study on the Name of God, is showing the nonsense of having for a long time presented God as “all powerful” and inviting us to understand the difficulty of representing God as love.

Finally, Sister Cécile Rastoin is presenting two books signed Daniel Boyarin : Border Lines : The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity, already translated in French (Cerf, 2011) and The Jewish Gospels (in translation at the same publishing house). Here the writer is trying to understand how the two traditions very slowly separated from each other.
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