SENS N°366 – January 2012 – Symposium of the CRIF at Jerusalem and Tiberias (II)

SENS #366

The review continues to publish the proceedings of the Symposium held in Jerusalem and Tiberias in March 2010 by the CRIF. The first four papers deepen the vis-à-vis situation of Jews and Christians : the historian Mireille Hadas-Lebel talks on "Judea and the Jews under Roman rule", the Rabbi Rivon Krygier on "Pilgrimage to Jerusalem from below to above", Professor Armand Abecassis explores "the religious significance of the return of the Jewish people on his land" and Father Michel Remaud discusses the relationships of "History and theology ".
The second part of the issue gathers the speeches of Father Patrick Desbois, Father Jean Dujardin and Reverend Françoiis Clavairoly, Petra Heldt and Florence Taubmann on the progress of dialogue within the Catholic Church and Protestant Churches, mainly from the French experience. The whole issue is completed by three "conclusions" : from Gérard Israël, Monsignor Jerome Beau (Auxiliary Bishop of Paris) and Reverend Claude Baty (President of the Protestant Federation of France).

In addition, the review publishes the speeches of religious leaders (Cardinal A. Vingt-Trois, reverend C. Baty, Bishop N. Sirotenko, Rabbi G. Bernheim, A. Kbibech, Olivier Wang-Genh, Mario Giro) at the Call for Peace held on the Trocadero Plaza, 27 October 2011.

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