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SENS N°356 – February 2011 – Yearning for Zion : reading Psalm 137

SENS #356

“By the Rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion” says Psalm 137, thus expressing the yearning for Zion. The Psalm also ends in a very violent note that strikes the Christian readers – to the point that some refuse to read the final verses. Rabbi Philip Haddad and Father Yves Simoëns SJ presented their readings of this psalm to a group of Jewish-Christian Friendship ; it is their lectures that are proposed here. Rabbi Haddad offers an overview of the book of Psalms and a verse by verse commentary. Fr. Simoëns proposes a translation and an analysis of the structure of the Psalm and its implications.

This first set is completed by two other articles.
First, Sens publishes Paul Thibaud’s lecture on the theme of “unconscious God”. Held during a half-day seminar on “School of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian field Forums”, this lecture expresses Paul Thibaud’s perplexity in front of the question. In response, the lecturer witnesses “God the Creator”, “living, who continues to incarnate through academic disciples that the desire for history enables to take risks”.
Second, Sens published extracts from a paper on “The Jewish German-speaking doctors in Paris in the nineteenth century” presented by JM Mouthon for the EPHE diploma.

Finally the “Books”, devoted mainly to works on and around the Second World War, opens with the presentation of the recent controversy that surrounds Yannick Haenel’s novel about Jan Karski and continues with the analysis of the Journal of Helene Berr.

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