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SENS N° 360 – June 2011 – The 2010 Prize of the AJCF to Father Michel Remaud

SENS #360

On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, in the Synagogue Adath Shalom in Paris, the 2010 Prize of the AJCF was given to Father Michel Remaud for his entire work. This issue of the review is devoted to this event.

Acknowledged as a true craftsman of the dialogue between Jews and Christians, Michel Remaud works for the Christian Institute of Jewish Studies and Hebrew Literature Albert Decourtray, Jerusalem, where he strives to significantly modify the perception that Christians have on their Jewish roots.

The issue opens with Fadiey Lovsky’s moving "meditation on the idea of ​​rejection". The lecture was given as an introduction to the ceremony. It is followed by different texts from Rabbi Ryvon Krygier, the Great Rabbi René-Samuel Sirat, Gérard Israël and Roger Assouline, Father Jean Dujardin and Brother Lenhardt. Among them : memories, stories and reviews of Michel Remaud’s work. The bibliography of Michel Remaud’s writings is also published in this issue.

In addition to his own speech, which tells the sources of his own interest in Judaism, Michel Remaud gave to the review an article on "Louis-Marie Baudouin" the founder of the Congregation of the Sons of Mary Immaculate to which he belongs. This priest was born in Vendée in 1765, and died in 1835. He therefore witnessed the revolutionary period. The vision he had on Jews and Judaism was far ahead of its time. It was based on intimate knowledge of the Bible and a genuine esteem for the Jewish people. Tracing his career and his thought helps to promote an astonishing figure of the Church of France, both atypical and at the same time rich in uncommon understanding of the Scripture.

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