SENS reprint ― (MAY 1995 n° 5) — The Great Rabbi Jacob Kaplan

At the request of Great Rabbi Jacob Kaplan’s family, Sens partially republishes an issue devoted to the Great Rabbi that died in 1994. In addition to the core articles previously published in Sens in 1995 (several messages in memory of the Great Rabbi and three articles written by J. Kaplan), this reprint issue also offers an editorial signed by Pierre Pierrard on the 40th anniversary of the State of Israel (first issued in Sens n°5, 1988), the facsimile of a letter of the Great Rabbi that thanks the President of the AJC for that publication, and an article of Yves Chevalier on “Jacob Kaplan and Jewish-Christian dialogue” (first published in Sens n°4, 2009). This reprint issue also publishes all the reviews of books the Great Rabbi signed in Sens year after year.

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