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March 2010 – Questions for Christians

SENS #346

English abstract

Under the above heading, this issue offers two sets of articles which are challenges to Christians. In the first section there are two texts, never before published, by the late and regretted Father Michel de Goedt (1924-2009), who examines, on the one hand, the possibility of discerning an analogy between the Shoah and the Passion of Christ, and, on the other, the relation between the Old and the New Testaments. This section also includes a letter from Father de Goedt to a young woman for whom he was a tutor, as well as the bibliography of his publications. The second section comprises the texts of two addresses given by Father Michel Remaud. In the first of these, somewhat provocatively, he asks the question, “Is it necessary, in order to read the New Testament, to be Jewish ?” In the second, he seeks to define “the sense of solidarity between Christians and Jews”.

In the “Magazine” part of this issue, there are a number of texts of current interest. One, dealing with today’s issues in Christian-Jewish relations, is an account of a round table with Cardinal Vingt-Trois, Chief Rabbi Bernheim and the president of the CRIF, Richard Prasquier (L. Apotheker and B. Charmet). Another is a contribution by Pastor Florence Taubmann to the debate on “national identity”. Finally, the “Books” section reviews a book by Father Didier-Marie Golay on Edith Stein and offers the second of a series of articles by Brother Pierre Lenhardt on “Listening to Israel in the Church”, as well as a group of texts on Nazism and the Shoah.

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