SENS N°372 – September-October 2012 – The Ten Commandments and Human Rights

SENS #372

Davar is an organization that every year since 1985 has invited Jew and Christians to a 8 day session of dialogue and living together. In March 2012, the association invited Cardinal André Vingt-Trois (Archbishop of Paris) and Gilles Bernheim (Chief Rabbi of France) to Bernardins College in Paris. The two conferences and the debate that followed were recorded. They are published in this issue. Claudine Maison, in charge of the association, writes the introduction.

The second part of the issue goes over the texts of three recent conferences : that of Cardinal André Vingt-Trois during the New York meeting between the authorities of Yeshiva University and a delegation of catholic bishops (in March 2012) ; that of Father John Pawlikowski, former president of the ICCJ, on the heritage of Pope John Paul II on the subject of Jewish-Christian relations (also in March 2012) ; and that of Cardinal Kurt Koch, actual president of the Holy See Commission for the religious relations with the Judaism, who assessed the achievements of 50 years of dialogue between the two traditions (in May 2012).

In addition, Sens publishes Mrs. Janine Elbouby’s speech during the giving of the Strasbourg Israeli Community Medal to Mrs. Jacqueline Cuche and the latter’s answer. And the usual Books review.

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