SENS N°362 – September-October 2011 – Judaism and Christianism during the 1st century AD

SENS #362

This double issue of the magazine has two parts. In the first one, Dan Jaffé, professor of history of religions at the University Bar-Ilan, is the author of four articles that come to complement a seminar on the development of the relations between Judaism and Christianism during the 1st century AD and presented to the Mulhouse group of the AJCF in February 2010 – one article being on Joseph Klausner and his approach – a novelty for his time (beginning of the 20th century) – of “historical Jesus”.

The second part contains three articles on the interpretation of the Scriptures. Jean Massonnet insists on the contribution made by the Jewish interpretation of the Scriptures to the Christian one as well as to the social and political life of nowadays ; Sandrine Caneri shows the importance of the Oral Tradition and Laurent Kloeble offers, making a reference to René Girard, an “anthropological” interpretation of the Gospels.

Finally, the “Books” section presents twenty pages of reviews.

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