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SENS N° 353 – November 2010 – Saint Paul’s Teaching and Today’s Problems

SENS #353

The articles gathered in this issue share the same interest in Paul and his teaching. In his article, Cardinal Vingt-Trois wondered what was at stake in the strictly Christian mystical experience, and studied “how Paul met [God’s] Love and accepted to consider it earnestly”. Sandrine Caneri showed how the Orthodox tradition thought the permanence of the Covenant with Israel ; Alain de Chalendar started from a selected number of verses of the Acts of the Apostles and proposed to think about the repercussions of Stephen’s martyr on Paul ; in a second article, the author focused on chapter 15 of the Acts and questioned the Evil of the present times. Bernard Weill discussed the interpretation of the 11th Chapter of the Epistle to the Roman given by Rabbi Krygier in a previous article (Paul and Israel : From Entranchement to the graft, in Sens 2007 n° 4) and its traditional presentation of the economy of salvation.

The revue is also publishing the “note” (and its comments) Emmanuel Levinas wrote in 1962, probably at the request of the heads of the association, in order to define the new “orientations” of the Amitié Judéo-Chrétienne. This text, written at the same period as the discussions of Vatican II, led to the Nostra Aetate Declaration, and showed that in France, the relation between Jews and Christians went beyond the common fight against anti-Semitism, and aimed at a true and mutual recognition of the two religious traditions.

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