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SENS N°369 – May 2012 – The Church Fathers and Judaism

SENS #369

Sadly, this issue starts with the terrible Toulouse drama. In her editorial, Florence Taubmann insists on the fact that the God of the three monotheistic religions is a God of peace. The review also publishes a highly spiritual message from Éva Sandler, who lost her husband and her sons in the attack.

Because the relations between the (mostly Greek) Church Fathers and Judaism are usually misunderstood, Laurent Kloeble proposes here an analysis divided in five axes : historical, spiritual, canonical, exegetical and pastoral. Sandrine Caneri also look for the “presence of Jewish traditions in Origen’s exegesis” ; she demonstrates that, while expressing a strong despise for the Jews, Origen also argues that treasures can be found by the Church in the Tradition of Israel and in some interpretations given by the Rabbinic leaders.

This issue also publishes a long review of Br Pierre Lenhardt’s book on the “Unity of the Trinity” (Parole et Silence, 2011), signed by Fr Philippe Loiseau. The author of the book draws on the tradition of Israel in order to approach the central Mystery of Christianity.

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